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Cramp Relief Tea

Cramp Relief Tea

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Cramp Relief Tea is organic PMS tea specifically formulated to give women relief from their menstrual cycles, with 100% natural ingredients that provide relief from bloating, cramping, heavy flow, and nausea.

This special herbal tea by Cramp Relief is an effective natural solution for period pain relief. It contains Chinese medicine herbs to balance hormones and support a healthy menstrual cycle. With its blend of organic herbal ingredients, it can effectively alleviate bloating, cramping, heavy flow and nausea, leaving you feeling healthy and energetic during your menstrual cycle.



Helps to balance hormones, regulate irregular menstrual cycles, and provide long-term menstrual pain relief.
3g per tea bag (Normally 10 tea bags per pack)
Main ingredients
Longan, red dates, dried ginger, roses, peony flowers
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Merline A
Endometriosis Relief

Honestly I believe this tea was sent from God. I’ve been suffering with extreme menstrual cramps for a very long time and my gynecologist diagnosed me with endometriosis 2 years ago. She told me I had to change my diet and my lifestyle to have less painful periods even through doing that it was still very painful. I came across this tea and it’s my second month of using it and I’ve felt such a big change especially after this past month. I’m usually bed ridden on my cycle but this past month I was very active which I never thought was possible, I even felt well enough to go to the gym during my cycle which was a complete no go before. I just thank God continuously that I found this tea it’s changed my life for the better. Thank you so much for producing this tea. I’ll definitely be trying the others. Side note: I feel If you start drinking the tea a few days before it’ll be better.

Jasmine Marie T
Love Love Love this product !!!!

I’ve recently started my holistic journey and this cramp relief tea has proven to hold up to its name. I haven’t had to take any medication at all during my cycle since using this tea. I most definitely will be purchasing this tea again. Thank you for such a wonderful product!!!

Kianna Norflet

Cramp Relief Tea

Shamea Jennings
Cramp relief tea.

After a week of trying the tea I’m not seeing any positive results. I wished it worked for me because I really experience a lot of pain due to dysmenorrhea. I’m not saying it doesn’t work, it just doesn’t work for me.

Thank you for your feedback! We understand your frustration, if you have been suffering from dysmenorrhea and painful periods for years now you have to give the tea some time to work. Our all natural herbal tea's are not a quick fix. For some people it works instantly and others need more time to clear up symptoms and detox your womb. We recommend using the product consistently for 3 cycles to see results.

Deshanna Cox

It was good