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Fibroid Free Tea

Fibroid Free Tea

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Fibroid Free Tea aids in cleansing and nourishing the female reproductive system. Made up of a blend of herbs that have been shown to help treat uterine fibroids, natural expel waste in the womb, and help return the body back to its natural state.

Our Fibroid Free Tea is a healthy herbal blend designed specifically to reduce and remove fibroids naturally. Our Caffeine free formula is a combination of natural herbal ingredients that help shrink fibroids in the uterus while expelling toxins, diminishing inflammation, and restoring fertility. Take control of your health and try Fibroid Free Tea today.


Help to shrink fibroid in the uterus and diminish the inflammation associated with the issue. Caffeine free blended herbal tea
·Helps to maintain more normal and regulated menstrual cycle
·Aids in cleansing, and nourishing the female reproductive system
·Helps your body in returning to its natural healthy state
·Helps your body expel waste
Flos lonicerae , Herb of flaccid aster, rose ,rhizoma zingiberis, brown sugar, fructus lycii , fructus jujubae
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Customer Reviews

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Elsa Trevino
Need answers

I have been drinking the fibroid tea for 2 months now I don't really know what to expect I have been spot bleeding the entire 2 months so I don't if it's cuz my fibroids are shrinking and the waste is coming out if someone can help me please explain if I should continue drinking the tea or if someone else is experiencing the same thing

shona Coward

Fibroid Free Tea

Victoria Johnson

Fibroid tea tasted great don’t know if it’s working or not. I am disappointed I paid for the womb tea and never received it even after I emailed and was told that they would send me the womb tea.

Jivinity Graham
I love this tea such a game changer

I’m so glad I came across this tea on Instagram because I found out I had a fibroid on my uterus and I was so scared I wasn’t gonna be able to have kids because the fibroid was in the way of me to have kids but when I went back to my doctor to get a ultrasound, I had no fibroids at all on my uterus. Thanks to this amazing tea, I am 8 weeks pregnant and will be purchasing again. 🥳🤗😍💓

This is my favorite tea!

This tea has done wonders my stomach has gone down and feels better I have been diagnosed with fibroids,ovarian cyst and a blocked tube I feel better than I have in years the doctors recommend removing one of my ovaries dont think that will be necessary