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Period Panties Seamless

Period Panties Seamless

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Women Menstrual Panties Leak Proof 4-Layer Absorbent Postpartum Underwear Seamless Period Panties

Introducing Women's Menstrual Leak Proof Panties, the perfect choice for keeping you dry and comfortable during your period. Crafted from an innovative 4-layer mesh that is absorbent and breathable, this underwear is designed to ensure maximum protection against unwanted leaks. The advanced bamboo fiber offers seamless coverage for complete peace of mind on even your heaviest days. Perfect for any stage of postpartum or menstrual cycle, these menstrual panties offer the ultimate in leak-proof protection and truly unbeatable comfort. No more embarrassing leaks ruining your day – with Women's Menstrual Leak Proof Panties, you can stay safe and dry all month long!


Washable underwear that absorbs your period. Comfortable to wear during sleep, exercise or while cramping on the couch.


Depending on your flow, wear solo or as a backup to your tampon, cup or disc. Reusable menstrual panties can replace sanitary pads or tampons. Medium flow absorbency, hold ups to 6 tampons, front to rear absorption and leak-proof layer. Use for day and night

1.Hand wash with cool/cold water or machine wash on Delicate ONLY
2.No chlorine bleach or Softeners
3.Hang dry

(We Recommend sizing up for additional comfortability, size chart in photos)

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Customer Reviews

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Chinaa Williams
Easy Period

Super comfortable. Very breathable & convenient. Ladies, this, by far, is the most convenient period I've had since trying these period panties! There's nothing like going to the potty and just slipping them right on up. I don't have to unwrap a pad or a tampon. Sometimes, I forget I'm on my period & forget to bring the necessary materials. No, just slipped it on.

And, they make my booty look bigger :)